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Better Together Relationship Counseling NYC

Are you looking for the best online relationship counseling services in NYC? Well, you’re in the right place! We, a charming team of husband and wife bring to our clients a balanced approach providing both gender perspectives. Our top-notch virtual relationship counseling helps to revitalize your relationship making it as fresh as a newly picked flower.

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  • Our Story

    We are “Better Together Counselors.” Here to help build, improve, enrich, and enhance relationships and families as a whole. We provide premarital sessions for those looking to embark on the institution of marriage. Relationships are vast and don’t just consist of significant others but include parents, families, friends, coworkers, as well as your relationship with yourself......

    We are a husband and wife team of Licensed and Certified Relationship Counselors offering both male and female perspectives. We also offer Marital, Individual, Teens, Groups, Family Counseling as well as Life Coaching. Let’s talk, cry, connect where we came from, and dismantle disruptive patterns that hold us back because our overall goal is for us to become “Better Together.”