FOR NEW COUPLES ONLY: Initial Couples Consultation

FOR NEW COUPLES ONLY: Initial Couples Consultation


This session will help both the client and the counselors gain information and insight into why the couple is seeking counseling. Whether it is to enrich, enhance, or address problematic issues that are happening within the relationship. 

The Initial Consultation is designed to give everyone an opportunity to meet. This time will be used to discuss the reason(s) couples are seeking counseling. We will discuss with the client the results of our online assessment that we have all of our couples take prior to our meeting with them for the Initial Consultation. The online assessment will give us some insight as to what is happening in the relationship before we meet with the clients. We will also get to know about you as an individual as well as a couple. In this session, we will discuss the ground rules and boundaries of your relationship. Most of your sessions will be conducted together, apart from one or two individual sessions. The purpose of the individual session is for us to learn about your background and past relationships with each of you separately. This will enable us to understand either of you deeply and find common grounds for agreement and conflict resolution.

Small issues can cause a series of misunderstandings and quarrels between a couple, we understand that there is always a way to fix these issues for a happy and ever-lasting relationship. We will comprehend the reason for certain issues in your relationship and provide suitable advice accordingly to resolve conflicts, to keep your happy and lovely relationship last long. Where there is a will, there is always a way. In our sessions, we will focus on setting goals for couples. Setting goals is very important for you and your better half as it helps you progress through all your relationship problems and become the best version of yourself, both as individuals as well as a couple. This will help you understand each other's perspective regarding different aspects of life and comprehend each other’s problems during tough times, which in turn will strengthen your relationship.

A relationship only prospers when two individuals are in love and ready to fight for each other no matter what the circumstances are. But there are times when often couples go off-track and forget about their goals in a relationship, we are here to help you accomplish your objectives by dividing them into small goals, the completion of which will contribute to the greater good of your togetherness and happiness. You will be given a few assignments, that you will need to complete in order to strengthen your connection. This will help you as a couple to understand each other’s importance and that you complete each other in every walk of life.

We will encourage you to discuss each and every problem you might have and work on a solution together, to have a more strong and evergreen connection. Discussing work, life, and your own misunderstandings with each other, will let out all the stress and negative feelings that you might be holding in, which is a major cause of quarrels in a relationship. You will learn to love and rejoice again just like the first time you met each other. On the other side of this therapy is a beautiful couple living in a healthy and happy relationship that will last forever.

  • Duration : 90 minutes